Q: Isn’t all vinyl railing the same?

A: Only if quality, craftsmanship, safety, and durability don’t matter to you and your family!

Why do we call Bella Railings “Premium” vinyl hand railing? Because, we believe, it’s simply the best vinyl hand railing available, anywhere. All of our products come with a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty and our exclusive one year labor pledge assuring you — we will be there should you need us for service.

We have pioneered unique installation appliances which hold your railing to the concrete. This system is unique to Bella since because we invented it!  It uses no lead anchors or expanding bolts to put pressure on your aging or newly poured concrete. Our posts are fully adjustable to accommodate your porch’s slope without the use of shims!

Some Companies use wood in their posts when attaching to concrete.  Although Wood can be used safely as support post when holding up roofs and structures, it creates a unpredictable situation when its used primarily for attaching shorter posts to concrete.  (Be sure to ask our estimators to explain this concept further when they come to measure your project.)  Wood can shrink (come loose over time) as it dries, take on water (swells) and contradict the purpose of using vinyl…lifetime, safety and maintenance-free! There is no wood in any of the structure of our railing so nothing to rot, shrink, or come loose.

Compare us to the big box stores, and the other competition, and you’ll find no one can match our quality of products, level of service, and warranty.

Compare us to the competition: