Welcome to the Family!

What’s the Bella difference? In a word—FAMILY! Our family pride shines through each and every time we talk with you! It starts with your first phone call to our office, when you’ll hear the voice of Alecia, our office manager—not a recorded message. Once you and Alecia have set up a time for you to get an estimate, she’ll give you a call before we meet with you to confirm your appointment.

When one of our estimators arrives, please check your watch—because we are committed to being on time so we don’t waste any of yours. During our meeting with you, you will have the chance to see and touch full-sized samples of the railing that is currently the most installed vinyl railing in the tri-state area! Our estimator will be able to give you a price on the first visit.

Throughout the installation process, we’ll keep you up to date and address any questions you have. Then, at the end of your Bella experience, you’ll be asked to fill out a survey to help us continue to make our service to our customers better than any other you have ever experienced! That’s what we mean by FAMILY!

About our Company

Bella Railings is all about vinyl hand railing—that’s it! Being the first company in Pittsburgh that focused only on the fabrication and installation of custom vinyl hand railings, we’ve focused all our efforts on offering you a product that is customized to fit your exact needs.

With fabrication facilities in West Newton, Pennsylvania, Bella Railings is a family owned and operated company. Back in 1999, we opened our doors and offered a limited product line of boxed kit railings, with our owners estimating each project and completing every deck and railing installation.

Only four years later, as Bella became known as the vinyl hand railing experts in greater Pittsburgh, we decided to leave the box kits behind and begin making custom vinyl hand railings—because one size definitely does not fit all when it comes to making your house safer and more beautiful.

As a pioneer in the field of vinyl hand railings, we purchased the equipment and facility space that we needed to begin creating a product line that had no limitations—and that would be fully customized for each customer we serve. Plus, we developed a patent-pending post mount that can be installed on even the most sloping concrete!

Now, more than a decade since we began, Bella is proud to know that our railings are the strongest, safest, and the most beautiful available. And we have people just like you to thank for making our railings the most popular in this region!

We stand behind…(and sometimes on) our products.

Meet OVER ONE HALF TON of our family!

Bella Railings keeps all our installations as “inside” jobs. Bella does all our own installations using our own employees, working out of our own trucks and using our own tools. These days, that’s tough to find in the home improvement industry.

But it’s all done with you in mind. By not using sub-contractors, we can monitor the quality of our installations. And we know that all our installers are using the same precision tools and the same high-quality materials—because they come directly from us. Plus, if you have questions or need service, all you need to do is make one call to our office.

Our unique installment process allows us to finish the job accurately and efficiently so we’re out of your way—and so that you can enjoy strong, beautiful hand railings that will last a lifetime.

And no installation is too tricky or too difficult. With over 10,000+ (and growing) installations completed in the tri-state area, we are confident we can tackle any installation project you can throw at us!

Experience The Bella Difference for yourself, call us today!